Little ‘Ol Me

A little bit about me and why I titled my blog the way I did. My favorite movie is Gone With The Wind and my favorite character of course was Scarlett with all her faults and flaws. She was beautiful, strong, determined and would do whatever she had to do to obtain whatever she wanted. Yet, she had a hidden delicate side, a glimpse of goodness that she would reveal only briefly. Although she would not allow people to see her vulnerabilities, they existed.

She and I are very much alike. She suffered as I have with the loss of a child and never knew how to let people truly love her. And yet like myself, she continued to persevere through her pain. And in the end when she realized her true love was Rhett, he walked away unleashing more pain and heartache upon her. Despite all her grief, all her agony, loss and pain, she still remained positive about tomorrow being another day. I am attempting to do the same in my life. Each day is a new beginning. Hence the name of my blog. Welcome…and thank you for reading.

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