My Inner Child Crashed My Party and I Wouldn’t Change a Thing

“To Little Lydia, her husband’s lack of celebration was a battle cry.  And she came! Armed with her empty buckets in need of filing!  She came with a body aching for connection! She came hell bent on establishing her significance!  All eyes were on her, and she was ready to mix it up with the savagery of a DMX song.

That vulnerable little girl, who still resides within me, had never been celebrated, and still longs for glory.  The voice resonating through my home  was that of a grown woman, but the mind generating the words being spoken was that of a child who’s heels were dug in.  She struggled to mold child’s feelings into cohesive, comprehensive thoughts, and when she found it impossible, finally donned her armour and activated her defensive tongue.  She mounted her attack, yet as fierce as she seemed, the child within stood paralyzed in the fear of being abandoned in her own heartbreak. “

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My Inner Child Crashed My Party and I Wouldn’t Change a Thing

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